In 1985, Georgios Tryfiatis founded IONIS, a firm in Athens with a strong presence in a wide range of fields, from textile to leather and faux leather materials, taking care of your home, as well as business needs. Our continuous research and focus on qualitative products in combination with our passion for this craft and respect towards our clients, depict the core values that established IONIS as a leading power in the Greek market.



Our many years of experience along with the vast partnership and client networks in both Greek and European markets have allowed us to gain an excellent and in-depth knowledge on textiles, leather and faux leather materials. IONIS' extensive range of products -from raw materials to finished products- will cover your home and business needs.



The broad range of our products along with the large stock availability, guarantees an immediate response to our clients' needs, establishing IONIS as one of the best and most competent options for you.



IONIS sets customer service, reliable transactions and secure product delivery as core priorities, with respect to our clients and business.